About Us

MASKMAN FILMS develops and produces inspirational, innovative and thought provoking films with a focus on social concepts that are less thought and explored. Headed by the founder cum producer Manas Sahoo, it embarked on the journey in 2012 with a focus on high quality and creativity thereby reaching varied audiences beyond geographical boundaries.

In this journey so far, Maskman Films has the honour of winning the Kaladhara Award from Lalit Kala Academy for its film THE VOICE OF SILENCE (2012), as the Best Creative Film. Yet another milestone achievement was the nomination of “THE TALE OF KOL- LOHAR”, (produced under its banner), at the NATIONAL FILM AWARD, MINISTRY OF CULTURE and bagging the STATE FILM AWARD, as Best Director and Best Producer.

It added another feather to its cap by bagging the Best Critics Award in JDCA National Film Festival for the innovative docu-fiction film ‘A POEM OF THE NEEDLE ‘. The film was also nominated to the NATIONAL FILM AWARD, MINISTRY OF CULTURE.  As a next step forward, Maskman Films has picked up a valuable, but less known and even lesser accepted concept in the society, and has produced an innovative feature film ‘ANTARLEENA revolving around the life, pain and hidden talent of an AUTISTIC child

Maskman Films really created best choriographed project for me.
Manas Sahoo
I really satisfied the service of Maskman Films.
Maskman Films deliverd the project ontime.
Jaydev Mohanty